We Understand You

At Children’s Play Therapy Clinic we know parents face many challenges every day. Children, and adults, sometimes feel down, moody or sad. Sometimes they feel angry and frustrated. These are all valid feelings. Sometimes your children present you with challenges too big to deal with on your own. You feel overwhelmed, uncertain, not knowing what to do. You want to ensure your child has the support and guidance they need. You might feel you are not doing your job and sometimes you may even feel you are failing them.

But what happens when your help is not enough?

play therapist galway
play therapy galway

We are here to help

We understand this feeling, this self-doubt, is valid too. Many parents go through that thought process.
Worrying is natural. You are always concerned about your child’s welfare, and you do everything possible to help them.
As a parent can you do it all? Can you
know it all?
Of course not. That’s why we are here.


Help your child Heal

Let’s put it in context. If your child breaks a leg, you wouldn’t try to fix it yourself!
You immediately take him or her to the doctor. So, If your child is struggling, and you see that he or she is not coping as they should, it’s ok to ask for help. Just like a broken arm heals itself with a little support, the mind can heal itself too with a little help.
Let your child help himself.

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The Process

When you come to Children’s Play Therapy Galway the first consultation is with the parents so you have time to get to know the therapist and discuss what’s happening.

Reach out Today!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
You don’t have to do it all and you don’t have to know it all. Fulfil your role as a parent or carer by helping your child and get back on track as a happy family.

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How to know if your child needs play therapy

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