Therapeutic Play

  •  Helps the child to alleviate mild to moderate emotional or psychological conditions.
  • It can be also used to detect more serious problems
Ursula Cisa Play Therapist in Galway City Centre
Childrens Play Therapy Clinic Galway

Play Therapy

  • Helps the child to alleviate chronic, mild and moderate emotional or psychological

Stop worrying...

Or even feeling guilty. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t have to do it all and you don’t have to know it all. Fulfil your role as a parent or carer by helping your child and get back on track as a happy family.

How do you know if your child needs help? You will know if your child is:

“The long-term consequences of untreated childhood mental illness are costly, in both human and fiscal terms (Mental Health: Report of the US Surgeon General, 1999).”

 How does Therapeutic Play and Play Therapy Work?

Play is children’s natural language. Children normally lack the capacity to talk about their problems. Play Therapy provides a safe environment in addition to a short to medium term therapeutic relationship where the child can express themselves through a wide variety of play and creative art techniques.
After the first consultation, the play therapist will be able to tell you if your child needs either Therapeutic Play or Play Therapy depending on the level of severity and complexity of the conditions. The sessions are forty minutes once a week. They could be 12 to 30 weeks or more. During this period we will keep regular contact with you, by phone, emails and you will attend face-to-face or video-calls meetings with the Therapist to review and assess your child’s progress.
First Consultation:
In the first consultation, you will be asked to attend on your own (without your child). If possible, we encourage both parents to attend. Then you will have the chance of meeting the therapist to get to know her. You will fill in a questionnaire about your child, a talk about him/her.
The therapist will explain to you everything you need to know about the session, such as what is your child going to be doing, how many sessions he will need to attend and what to expect as a result. The sessions take place in a play therapy room equipped with therapeutic objects and other media (eg. arts and crafts, musical instruments, role play materials, etc). The sessions last 40 minutes and are once a week. An adult is required to accompany and wait in the waiting room for the whole length of the session. The sessions will be at the same time and day every week.